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Disposable Email Addresses


Disposable Email Addresses (DEAs) or tagged email address are email addresses that are tagged or marked in some way, so that you can trace where someone got hold of an address, or expire the address if it is no longer useful or is getting too much spam.

Disposable Email Addresses Overviews

Compound Procedures for SPAM Control -
Spam Plan -

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Discuss Disposable Email Addresses

dea list -

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Disposable Email Address Services

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Server Provided Disposable Email Addresses

Total Control -
My Spamtrap Setup -
How to use temporary subdomains against spam -

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Tagged Email Addresses

Mailshell - (Reviews: 1 2)
SpamEx - (Reviews: 1 2)
SpamMotel - (Reviews: 1)
Sneakemail - (Reviews: 1)
Kiwi -
EIOMail -
Emailias - (Reviews: 1 2)
SpamSlicer - (Reviews: 1)
MailMoat -
SpamCon DEA - (Reviews: 1)
SpamAxe -
SpamTrail -
EmailXfer -
Centermail -
SignupShield -
NetMails -
KasMail -
e4ward -
MyTrashMail -
ChoiceMail virtual email addresses -
TrashMail -
e4ward -
MailNull -
Yahoo! AddressGuard -
PancakeMail -

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Time Expiring Email Addresses

SpamGourmet - (Reviews: 1 2)
SpamhOle -
BumpyMail -
SpamDay -

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Instant Disposable Email Addresses

Any email sent to these services is stored, and is accessible just by entering the username in the web-based system.

Mailinator -
Dogeit - -

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Spamtrap Email Addresses

These addresses don't go anywhere - the email addressed to them is just thrown away.

MailSiphon - - -

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